Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

We encourage clients to register early and submit requests for session topics, as we build our agenda based on registration feedback to ensure we are covering relevant & timely content, specifically catered to our attendees.

When will the agenda become available?

We understand that the event agenda is an important factor in deciding to attend CSM Symposium. We plan to have the agenda live by early spring.

When and how can I submit an application to become a Best Practice presenter? Will presenters still receive waived registration?

We will announce the Best Practice submission period by early spring and include the link to submit presentation ideas on the CSM Symposium website. We will continue to offer waived registration to any confirmed Best Practice presenter.

How can I book a One-on-One session?

We will announce one-on-one session signups to all registered attendees when it becomes available by early spring. Please note that we kindly ask that all attendees select only 1 timeslot per person.

Why isn’t CSM Symposium happening with NACE again?

NACE has changed their typical conference scheduling which no longer facilitates holding a user conference in tandem.

If you have an additional question you don’t see answered here, please email and we’ll be happy to help.